The Savior always was an cheerful child ...
  • Uma criança sempre alegre...
The Savior was a child always cheerful and smiling until one day in his childhood the mother becomes ill for no apparent reason. After several examinations in hospitals he is diagnosed with a rare disease. The house of the Savior fades from day to night and he begins to live daily with suffering from his mother's illness. As the years advanced, her mother's state of health was aggravated, and it became almost impossible to endure so much suffering.
It is in the street that the Salvador seeks a second family to take refuge of the anguish that feels at home, beginning to walk with bad companies and to make bad choices in his life. Focused on the illness of the mother of the Savior, parents are not even aware of the rebellion that grows inside the child, problems with drugs and authorities. The Savior had become violent because of the revolt he had been cultivating since the days of a child when his mother became ill and becomes a prisoner. After being released he continues to make mistakes behind nonsense until one day the bad luck comes back to knock on the door of his house. The father could no longer endure the daily suffering of Salvador's mother and left the house, leaving her to her own fate.
It is at this point that Salvador becomes a grown man and shows that the street life he led taught him that to survive this ordeal would have to be as hard as in the street. The Savior thus begins the hard task of taking care of his sick mother and leaves the past behind. In the meantime the Savior faces more problems: the divorce of his parents and the sharing of assets decreed by the court. His mother is obliged to give a large sum to Salvador's father to be able to stay with the house otherwise the house would have to be sold and they would have to go to the street.
Faced with this sad scenario, the Savior does not let himself go down and although he starts to plan, he will not lose the house where he was born and where he was once very happy. He is forced to ask for a loan to the bank and for some time he went hungry not to lose the house and to be able to provide the best comfort to his sick mother. In this way, has managed to overcome this difficult phase of his life, but bad luck knocks on your door again.
After medical examinations, the Savior learns that he has the same rare disease as his mother. The suffering that Salvador had witnessed during all these years now also becomes part of his daily life. Nowadays, the Savior weeps hidden in the corners to relieve his rebellion a little because he has never been able to live a normal life.
Even today he continues to take care of his sick mother despite his own illness and has struggled every day to give his mother the very best in the few remaining days. The Savior sees in his sick mother the reflection of his own future.
Yet today he asks himself a question: Will one day all I have fought for and all I have suffered will be worth it, will I smile again and be happy as in those days as a child?
With permission of the author Marco Mota.
Salvador was an always cheerful child ...
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