My liver transplant
  • O meu transplante hepático
My mobile phone rang around 10 pm on 17-04-2002 while watching TV.
I was the coordinator of the Dublin hospital telling me that an organ had become available to me and that I had 1 hour to pack, because an ambulance would come and fetch me.
Although I have been waiting for this call for a year, I have never been prepared and for some time I remember thinking if it would have been the result of my imagination ...
My transplant was to take place at Kings College Hospital, and I was impressed with the organization prepared to take me from Dublin to London. It was like being "VIP" for one night, from the ambulance to the military plane and from this already in London to another ambulance in less than 3 hours I was in the hospital bed to do tests. My tests were good, only re-test the organ, at this stage everything can still be canceled. But everything went for the best and the operation started around 9 am on 04-18-2002, I woke up at 4:00 in intensive care, the next day I took my first steps and from day to day I felt true improvements.
While I was in hospital recovering I remember thinking that at last the ordeal was over and I would have my life back.
While I felt a huge desire to accomplish all those projects that were postponed because of this transplant every day that passes makes it better than the past which makes me look to the future with other eyes.
Of course I have to take it easy but the idea of ​​being able to grow old, have children and watch them grow became a reality starting today and this is very important.
My Father never prepared me for this, but I think it's finally time to let him rest and say goodbye.
He must be proud of me as I have always had of him and the few years we lived together taught me and many memories I kept for myself.
And I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all those who, in one way or another, helped me through this difficult period of my life, but especially I want to thank my Mother and my Woman for the support they have always given me.
Thank you!
Pedro Soares
Salvador was an always cheerful child ...
My liver transplant