Law N.º 54/92 de 11 de Abril - Moderator fee
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The Law of Health Bases (Law n. 48/90, August 24) provides for the levying of moderation fees with the double purpose of rationing of health care proxy and of contributions to its limited supply limited by construction. . In complying with this desirability, a wide range of exemptions, justified for medical or economic reasons, have been cut so as not to restrict access to citizens to more medical care.
On the other hand, in order to avoid that as charges to be established lose a correspondence with the real costs, only the criteria that are part of the president, in each moment, to its determination.
As payment collected with the partial payment of the cost of medical products will constitute revenue of the National Health Service, contributing to increase the efficiency and quality of services provided to all, and especially those that are provided free to the most disadvantaged. In fact, it is principles of social justice that require people on higher incomes who are not treated or at risk to pay for part of the health care they are receiving, for others who are the most needy and unprotected, and who do not pay anything.
Like this:
In the development of the general bases of the legal regime established by base XXXIV and by paragraph 1 of base XLIII of Law no. 48/90, of August 24 and under the terms of article 201.1 (c) of the Constitution, the Government Hereby decrees as follows:
Article 1
Moderator fees
1 - Moderating fees are set to be paid by the users of the National Health Service, regarding the access of complementary diagnostic and therapeutic means by ambulatory examination, as well as for the provision of health care in the following services:
A) Our hospital emergency services and our emergency services at health centers;
B) In the consultations in the hospitals, in the public health centers or private conventions.
2 - The moderating rates are approved by an order of the Minister of Health, being revised and updated annually, due to the inflation index.
3 - The rates mentioned in the door mentioned in the preceding paragraph may not exceed one third of the values included in the price list of the National Health Service.
Article 2
1 - They are exempt from the payment of the moderating fees in the previous article:
A) As pregnant and parturient;
B) As children up to and including 12 years of age;
C) The beneficiaries of supplementary allowance for poor children and young people;
D) The beneficiaries of monthly living allowance;
E) Pensioners who receive a pension not exceeding the national minimum salary, their spouses and minor children, provided that they are dependent;
F) The unemployed, enrolled in employment centers, their spouses and minor children, on condition that they are dependent;
G) Beneficiaries of character rendering, possibly due to situations of need, payment for official services, their spouses and minor children;
H) Inmates in homes for children and young people deprived of the family environment;
I) Employees who realize a monthly income not exceeding the national minimum wage, their spouses and minor children, provided that they are dependent;
J) Pensioners of occupational disease with a permanent permanent disability of not less than 50%;
L) Chronic, diabetic, haemophilic, parkinsonian, tuberculosis, toxic and seropositive renal insufficients, disease problems, paramiloidal diseases and Hansen's disease, with ankylosing spondylitis and multiple sclerosis;
M) Benevolent donors of blood;
N) Chronic mental fools;
O) Chronic alcoholics and drug addicts when inserted in recovery programs, without rights of appeal.
P) Chronic disease patients, identified in an order of the Minister of Health, who by medical criteria require frequent consultations, examinations and treatments and are potential causes of early disability or significant reduction of life.
2 - Proof of the facts referred to in the previous paragraph.
3 - All users, including beneficiaries of health subsystems or those for whom any public or private entity is responsible, shall be subject to the payment of fees, except for those exempted pursuant to paragraph 1.
4 - The exemption from the payment of moderate fees among recipients of confirmation of the presentation of a statement by the competent official services, which contains at least a mention of two doses not previous.
Article 3
Repeal rule Article 2 (2) of Decree-Law no. 57/86, of 20 March, is hereby revoked.
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